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About US

Through the leadership and visionary of District Elder Daniel, and Missionary, Andrea Samuels, Bethel United is the place where you can make it your spiritual home for you and your family. Founded on the principals that “by this shall all men know” we are a body of members who endeavour to nurture the love of Jesus Christ in every believer’s heart who steps through the doors of bethel. By the bread of Life, the word of God is taught and rightly divided in forums that address the social and spiritual needs many are faced with on a regular basis. We understand the relatable struggle and challenges that arise from the issues and temporal cares of life. Consigned with mental awareness, like a circle, it is our mandate that no one gets left behind. We believe that through the pain and devastation there is hope to arise and live again. With a sure foundation of the gospel of peace, it is the love god by which we gather to worship and enjoy the experience of God’s presence in everything that we do and say for Jesus Christ the hope of glory.